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I thank Craig Kelly for his kind words for me – and his superb work

With my head down in policy work and in Indian political work I had not heard about Craig Kelly (I barely knew the names of more than 15 Australian politicians over the past 20 years).

But after quitting some people shared info about his work. When I came to know that he had shared my ICC complaint I was grateful for that.

But today, after seeing the brutal treatment he has received from Scott Morrison, I thought about looking further e.g. whether he had commented on my work at any stage and found these posts – quite an amazing find. Craig has battled pseudo-science and bad policy. I hope he will take the next step to lead Australia out of this mess.

16 September 2020: Wrote a detailed post “saluting” me


17 September 2020: Nominated me for Australian of the Year



17 September 2020: Called me “Hero to the Nation”


14 November 2020: Shared my complaint to the ICC



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3 thoughts on “I thank Craig Kelly for his kind words for me – and his superb work
  1. Snuffles

    Hello you and Craig Kelly and few others like David Limbrick and Richard Riordan maybe good team members for your team.


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