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Gigi Foster’s Voices against lockdowns – (4) 24 November 2020

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24 November 2020

A chunky further update here with resources and opportunities to work against economic lockdowns as the right policy response to the Covid-19 phenomenon. The world seems gradually to be waking up, person by person, but the battle for sense in policymaking on this issue is still far from won. As always, please disseminate this email liberally.

Sanjeev Sabhlok has prepared the attached submission to the International Criminal Court, accusing the Victorian and Australian governments of crimes against humanity. Culpability for the same crime of the health scientists involved in lockdown decisions is proposed here by Ramesh Thakur:

A group of Victorian police officers have spoken out against police enforcement of lockdown policies under the banner Cops for Covid Truth, and then faced repercussions:

A group of UK doctors have put up an open letter against lockdowns here:

More broadly, doctors and medical professionals across the world are represented here:

An excellent compendium has been compiled of evidence against the wisdom of lockdowns and opportunities to push against them, though the site’s curators/moderators keep themselves well-disguised:

Perhaps a reason for the mysterious stewardship of the above site is the sort of phenomenon discussed here, a flavour of which is also on display in the response to the Victorian Cops for Covid Truth people:

Relatedly, a heartening, if hero-worshippy, political-philosophical statement of support for the anti-lockdown position is here:

A lockdown severity response tracker:

The ABC Four Corners team have put together a program about the costs of lockdowns in Australia as told by people on the ground, including those paying the costs:

For those who prefer to fight the fines imposed on people found to disobey lockdown restrictions, rather than help people pay them (an alternative option about which I previously circulated information):

Two informative videos put together by Ivor Cummins, trained engineer turned health guru (

A heartening radio interview in which host Maajid Nawaz confronts a SAGE epidemiologist about the costs of lockdowns:

Coverage of some of my recently-released appearances: (interview for Deep Trouble podcast) (story following my testimony to the UK Treasury Select Committee) (panel discussion with myself, David Limbrick MP and Sanjeev Sabhlok, moderated by Daniel Wild of the IPA, organised by Bev McArthur MP)

Speaking of the IPA, that organisation has conducted the following modelling of the costs of lockdown policies:

Some other informative pieces from the UK media:

Finally, a couple of pieces with more name-calling and stronger political overtones than some on this email list may be comfortable with – shared here caveat emptor:


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