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Further ban by Twitter – a record


My appeal: “I have cited a government document so what exactly is misleading about my comment? Particularly about rolling out vaccines to children who are at no risk.”

Acknowledgement of my appeal:

some time later

On second thought I just removed the tweet – none of my appeals with any of these Big Tech companies are successful and they are determined to block honest views. It will merely delay my getting back access.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “Further ban by Twitter – a record
  1. Howard Steen

    Yes, this is the sorry state of the society we live in today. Do you use Telegram? So far, I have not heard that they are applying the kind of drastic censorship that Twitter carries out.
    I am fully expecting that I might get the same treatment about some of my posts. I thought that Twitter has become a little more relaxed about vaccine criticism but it sees not. After my Vimeo account was deleted by Vimeo (no appeal possible) I now post videos on LBRY tv . This is definitely censorship free and very secure.
    I posted these short videos yesterday on Twitter. So far no problems but we will see.—Part-I:5—Part-II:5

  2. Tracey Hoolachan

    My Twitter Account was suspended permanently, no reason given, no copy of the tweet that offended, but it was probably my info on COVID19. After months of lying to me about being unable to find my account (I was able to prove they could), telling me I could set up a second account then immediately suspending it, I am suspended permanently after an appeal not even a copy of the offending tweet given me. What does it say about Twitter that it blocks health & welfare advocates for giving people the right information.

  3. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Absolutely. These are purely criminal organisations. We’ll bring them to book. It will require a bit of work.


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