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Extensive analysis by Tracey Hoolachan of the COVID situation in Australia

Tracey has shared this brilliant piece of work (which she lodged with the Disability Royal Commission a couple of days ago). There are a few things I have questions about but on the whole, this is a very well-researched piece that should prove invaluable in any legal proceedings or other research.


What I found:

2.3.5(c)(i) The UK’s SAGE meeting no 15 on Wuhan Coronavirus (Covid-19), 13th March 2020”44. Nothing in these minutes indicates any result-based science on social distancing.

25. The behavioural science points to openly explaining to the public where the greatest risks lie and what individuals can do to reduce their own risk, even if this is ahead of measures announced by the Government.”

“27. Greater transparency will help people understand personal risk and enable personal agency, send useful signals about risk in general and build public trust. Citizens should be treated as rational actors, capable of taking decisions for themselves and managing personal risk.”

“28. There is some evidence that people find quarantining harder to comply with the longer it goes on. The evidence is not strong but the effect is intuitive. There is no comparable evidence for social distancing measures, but experience suggests it is harder to comply with a challenging behaviour over a long period than over a short period.”


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