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Another person has lodged a (short) complaint to the International Criminal Court

Received via email. I’m sharing – but I suspect this doesn’t go into the level of detail that will attract ICC’s attention. Nevertheless, it might be helpful supplementary material for them.


Dear Sir or Madam,
This covid FLU shenanigans has thrown up so many lies, scaremongering, rule changes, acts of evil cruelty that it needs investigated. Those acts have been done by politicians, establishment, government advisors, councils, health bodies etc and have been aided by media and police etc!? All involved can only be described as evil perfidious scumbags!
In my eyes the politicians and NHS in UK should be on murder charges for killing thousands of elderly!
2016 an operation called Exercise Cygnus was carried out by UK government to see how it could deal with a pandemic, the outcome was ignored and worse still kept from the public. To I that is criminal!?!?
Then when the governments round the world wide were caught out by the covid FLU panic set in and some governments decided to send elderly from hospitals to care homes and death. UK/Scotland participated in such an evil criminal act. Those that advised on the evil care for the elderly should be strung up!
Then tens of thousands have been litterly abandoned by the NHS, with appointments and operations cancelled. Another criminal act and sure it does not fit in with the Hippocratic Oath.
Then the scaremongering which I have never seen the likes of before is so criminal those that did it should be taken out and flogged in public. That would be politicians and media.
Then the bullying, as only seen before by the likes of by the gestapo etc has also been criminal and that is by politicians and police!
The cases and testing is another shambles/scam that is criminal and the perfidious scum know that the tests are not accurate but still they carry on with the SCAM!?
Not happy with the first round of slaughter they have started on the second round with the SYNTHETIC PATHOGEN injections they call a vaccine! Since the injections started in UK cases, illness and deaths rocketed!
One can only hope that more people write to the International Criminal Court and that you do something about it for the sake of the people or we are all fcuked for ever and ever!?!?
What is behind it all. Things that keep cropping up are Universal Basic Income, Great Reset, Satan ‘B Gates Pox yearly injections, so is this what the covid flu shenanigans is all about—CONTROL!?
I shall end by a statement I have made many times—-The world is a lovely place and we know of the dangers in the jungle, oceans etc but the real worry is the people. The perfidious evil begins at the top with royals/leaders/WHO/politicians/UN/councils/churches/Gates&Rothchilds likes etc and aided by the perfidious media/cops and then trickles down through society and the covid FLU shenanigans has put it all on the world stage and is clear for all to see!!?

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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2 thoughts on “Another person has lodged a (short) complaint to the International Criminal Court
  1. Roy McIntosh

    Well done Sanjeev for not going with the evil sinister flow that governments are following! In time I am sure the truth shall come out and some people shall have to pay for the evil that they have handed out against people around the world. Keep on smiling and all the best—Roy

  2. Ray Rivas

    The darkness that has, over the past few decades, invaded this once free nation, called Australia, must be a great joy for the globalist God-haters. The diggers turn in their graves as the very evils they fought against have overtaken the minds of so many, who now celebrate ANZAC day in vain. People do not possess ideas; ideas possess people. The great global tyranny’s hope to return mankind to a feudal system and heavily cull the populace so that they can play god and feed upon the masses is surely at the forefront of their thinking in this moment in history… but they will not fully succeed. Their hour will come but that is all it will be… a mere couple of weeks, and sudden, VERY sudden destruction will come upon them. Not one will escape.

    Thank you, Sanjeev, for your fight against totalitarian tyranny for, after all, that is really what you are fighting. Each of us in our own way must fight.


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