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When is quarantine effective?

The impact of such interventions depends crucially on pathogen life cycles and host contact patterns. [Source]

the use of quarantine will be most beneficial when there is significant asymptomatic transmission and if the asymptomatic period is neither very long nor very short. [Source]

the benefit of quarantine over symptom monitoring is maximized for fast-course diseases (short duration of infectiousness and a short latent period compared with the incubation period), and in settings where isolation is highly effective, a large fraction of contacts is traced, or there is a long delay between symptom onset and isolation. [Source]

quarantine was inefficient for a respiratory disease like SARS [Source]

quarantine per se contributed little to SARS control. [Source]

infected people were not particularly infectious until acutely ill was subsequently substantiated by the isolation of the SARS coronavirus and assessment of viral loads and shedding as functions of time from symptom onset. [Source]

Quarantine for non-symptomatic people is not advised even for Ebola [Source]

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