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I’ve co-signed an Open Letter to governments worldwide to investigate China’s in the pandemic hysteria of 2020

See this Twitter moment for details of the letter and associated videos.  (And, of course this post – that also includes my video on this topic).


‘LOCKDOWN FRAUD’ British and US spies urged to probe claims China ‘tricked the world into lockdown to trigger economic crash’ – 13 January 2021, The Sun.

Did China promote ‘Coronavirus lockdowns’ to cripple world economy? Lawyers, activists, ex-US Brigadier general want UK, USA spies to investigate – 15  January 2021, OpIndia


Lockdowns ‘Originated At Order of Xi Jinping’ On Faulty Data Reveals Letter Requesting Federal Fraud Probe – Internewscast

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud – Investigation Demanded – Europe Loaded

Open Letter To FBI Demands Criminal Investigation Into Lockdown Fraud – principia-scientific

Anti-corruption Ireland

UK Lockdown Policy Came From Communist China – Patriotic Alternative

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud – State of the Nation


Has China CO-OPTED American Media?  (VIDEO)


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