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Further appeal by Indian students separated from spouses by Australia’s criminal lockdowns


Hello Respected Ministers/MP,

It has been almost a year now and we are appealing to grant permission to allow us back. We are living apart for such a long time that we have lost faith in Australia doing anything substantial for us. We read frequent reports about students being considered for pilot plans but nothing comes to reality. Many who could shift their base have done so but we are neither being talked about nor being considered at all. As if we do not exist, we have sacrificed so much to invest in Australia and build our careers and future and now after waiting for so long the least we are expecting is to allow us to return back to Australia with our partners who are managing somehow alone in Australia since a year almost.
we do not fall in the skill category neither we fall in the student category does that mean we are not humans or we should not be considered? We paid for visas, we paid for insurance, most of us already have a Australian education and have paid tax for years. We are ready to follow each and every health advice. The citizens can afford to break the rules but we temporary holders always have the chance to be deported. There is not a single case where we have heard a temporary visa holder has broken any covid protocol inside hotel quarantine who are long term visas. Our future lies on our visa; we cannot play with it. But it’s high time Australian authorities understand that we need to be provided with direct exemption the way NZ has allowed for temporary visa holders.
In NZ any temp visa holder whose partner is inside NZ is allowed (work/study) but we are waiting for such a decision from Australia since 1 year almost now.
Just granting us exemption won’t solve the next issue of scarce flights that’s on us but at least we want the first hurdle to be removed for us to take the next step and somehow routes.
There are multiple options available for Australia and if Australia wants they can route us through countries where there is a 14 day quarantine compulsory and we can directly transit through that route without actually spending any time outside the hotel.
we are appalled by the way we are being treated. This is basic human rights to allow us to be with our partners (legally married not even defacto). Our visas are going to get wasted as there is no chance of visa extensions to partners.
With each passing day the stress levels, anxiety levels and panic attacks are increasing but there is not a single positive news coming for us through the media from Australian government.
We are law abiding residents who do not even plan to stay for years without exiting but ensure to contribute to Australian economy in every possible way and thereby also helping the community in covid time.
Please consider removing one hurdle of exemption so at least we can proceed 1 step further in our standstill life which has become hard to live without our partners.
The number for dependents is not huge and it can be accomodated anywhere right from Christmas island to any student accommodation if regular hotels are not an option.
Kind regards,
Temporary residents separated from our partners

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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