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A comparison of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal – sent to me by someone

I’m noting this PDF document for my future, easy reference. I initially thought that Signal won’t transfer data across devices (which is essential for the way I operate – half on my mobile and half on the PC) – but that’s not true. Signal’s default is to allow that (i.e. to use the cloud). If someone wants greater privacy they can switch off that option and store conversations only on their unique device.

WhatsApp is effectively useless, since it has decided to hand over all data it collects to its new parent company, Facebook.



‘kay I did some analysis. Also spoke to some close friends who are from the cyber security domain. Here are my thoughts and views (purely my own individual take):

1. Facebook and Whatsapp were always using US based servers. All security regulations come under their jurisdiction and law. So keep the latest agreement aside, even otherwise our data all these days were in their custody. In otherwords, there is nothing that they do not know about us 😊

2. By signing off, you are only getting to a new agreement about the specific partnership of Whatsapp and FB, which they were anyway planning to do for a longtime. This has NO influence on losing our privacy…. the fear is created by media and hyped. Put in another way, by signing this new agreement, you are not going to share anything more than what they can tap today without signing it. This is more for a reinforcement of buyin from their side, so they don’t lose the market to competitive apps like Signal or Telegram which is picking pace.

3. SIGNAL is an American Company. TELEGRAM is a German Company first developed by Russia. Both these companies have their own security regulations on their own homegrown servers…coming under their law. So going to them is NOT going to decrease your vulnerability of risk or loss of privacy in anyway. The hard truth is – India never attempted to create their own private secured social media channels and always depended on foreign channels….

So we are not going to save anything by going to SIGNAL or TELEGRAM; rather we are going expose our data more by sharing it with new set of countries and security protocols.

4. Lastly, regardless of whether we move to SIGNAL or TELEGRAM or continue to stay, make sure you follow this: Never use your Confidential Data or Financial Data on WhatsApp, Facebook, Google, Telegram, Signal etc. The safest bet for you to use financial transactions is UPI based apps which are homegrown like BHIM, Phone Pe etc as the data does not go outside our Country Security Regulation… we own those Servers. So long this is taken care all is well.

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One thought on “A comparison of WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal – sent to me by someone
  1. kim

    Thanks so much for what you are doing. Giving the facts and truth is more important than ever in these days of lies and deception.


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