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The masterclass that Anders Tegnell gave in 2020 on epidemiology



A placeholder post. I might bring all his sayings and writings together in a systematic manner in due course – something eminently worthwhile.

But for now, just a few links and tweets.

The Hashtag #NobelforTegnell

Perhaps the best place to get a lot of info on Tegnell’s views is the hashtag #NobelforTegnell that I created in April.

VIDEOS on Swarna Bharat Party’s YouTube channel

Here’s the channel. Search for Tegnell (also for Giesecke).


Anders Tegnell is leading Sweden to a REAL SOLUTION. Others are DESTROYING their nations.

A summary of Anders Tegnell’s views regarding lockdowns – an important, short video

My next TOI blog post: India has only one choice: Anders Tegnell’s (Swedish) approach

MY ICC complaint and book

I’ve written a lot about Tegnell and his approach in my ICC complaint and book.


‘Closing borders is ridiculous’: the epidemiologist behind Sweden’s controversial coronavirus strategy

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