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My email re: Countering government propaganda re: the covid vaccine

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I’m no anti-vaxxer – quite the contrary, I’m a great supporter of vaccines. But everything must be risk-based and every person must have full information before they decide to get the covid vaccine.

Unfortunately, governments, including the Trump administration are intent on propaganda, not the facts.

I’ve outlined the kinds of information that governments must provide to all of us, in this blog post:

Let’s demand that such information is made available to all of us, with full details.

Governments and international organisations have lied through their teeth in 2020 to create (and continue) a hysteria for a pandemic that has turned out to be barely worse than a bad flu (if that) – as I showed on 20 November 2020 ( – I’ll publish slightly revised estimates in a day or two, that don’t change the main story. The people have therefore lost any remaining trust in the governments, which seem to have been bought out by vaccine companies.

Instead of forcing the covid vaccine down everyone’s throat, let governments provide full information to the people, who can decide what’s best for them and their family.

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