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Liberal Democrats and Australia One Party probably won’t cut it. Nor the Great Australian Party.

On 19 September I had put out this tweet:

But after engaging with some Liberal Party leaders (many of whom are very good) I’ve realised the Party is not fit for purpose in today’s environment. I’ve therefore put out this video yesterday:

In response to this video people have asked me to look into the Liberal Democrats and Australia One Party, among others. I’m summarising my current position below.


This is a proven minor party with a number of seats in various parliaments over the past few years.

I really like the Liberal Democrats – I’m probably most closely aligned ideologically with them. But somehow I’m not impressed in this case.

  • They’ve missed the basic point about the pandemic. They have skirted the key issues.
  • I’m not sure if they have the intellectual grunt or energy needed to offer a major alternative to Australia. They don’t seem to have the organisational ability to galvanise the youth towards a clear goal of over-throwing the existing major parties.
  • They don’t seem to even want to overthrow the major parties – happy to plod along on the fringe with a few upper house seats.


This is a brand new party. I’ve had a quick look at the following:




Ricardo Bosi is a very intelligent and a very good man. I also agree with much of what he wishes to achieve. However, I don’t think this party is going to fit the bill because:

  • I haven’t seen the party launch a clear-cut attack on this massive hysteria
  • Their objective seems to be to get one seat here or there, not the total overthrow of the major parties.
  • Their policy talent is very feeble – far weaker than the Liberal Democrats.


I do not see any major problems with Australia’s laws and policies. Had they been implemented properly we would not be in this mess. I also don’t see the need for major changes to the laws (e.g. the radical changes being proposed by Australia One). I believe relatively minor changes to the laws will work well enough.

But we DO need a complete change of leadership. We need to pass the baton to a new set of leaders who are committed to liberty and good governance. And capable of thinking for themselves – not subject to group think or subservience to their “Great Leaders”.

I’m talking here about a party that will contest ALL lower house seats from 2021 onwards, with the goal of becoming Australia’s MAJOR party. Upper houses as well, but the goal is to straight for the neck, and to have the new Premiers and Prime Minister from this party. All across Australia.

A big ask, but crucially needed.


Had a quick look at its tax and a few other policies. Once again, some drastic ideas including abolition of income tax. Plus it wants a nationalised bank that will give cheap loans (a people’s bank e.g.: “Constitutional Bank” or even the “Bank of Australia”).

Further, this is a particularly “fringe” request. Since when is a Director of Public Prosecutions a “corporation”? And thisis the weirdest thing of all.

I’d rate this a completely fringe outfit without any policy capability whatsoever.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “Liberal Democrats and Australia One Party probably won’t cut it. Nor the Great Australian Party.
  1. skippy

    HI Sanjeev
    I love your work. Running candidates at all seats costs a lot of money. you have to pay a fee per candidate and then print how to vote fliers, put out signs etc, It all costs Money and it doesn’t drop from the sky.

    You can spread limited resources across the whole of Australia next year and achieve nothing, or target a few seats and maybe get somewhere.
    Miracles do happen and minor parties can get a seat and the balance of power and hopefully build from there- get a profile etc

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Thanks. I’m not looking for a balance of power party, although that might well be an initial outcome.

    It is basically up to the youth to galvanise the entire people of Australia. If they are serious they can do it.

  3. skippy

    I don’t think Australia One wants to be a balance of power party, I think they just are setting modest, achievable targets.

    I don’t see today’s youth as being politically driven. They appear to me to be so brainwashed by the mainstream media they would swallow the scamdemic.

    The few intelligent. well educated young people I meet who are awaket to the scamdemic are demoralised about the state of the world ( The United Nations, The World economic Forum, the mainstream media, the politicians who have sold us down the river) and think its too late to do anything about it

    One middle aged person told me , “the end of the world, is in the bible, don’t fight it, its going to happen””

  4. Silvia Hutton

    The Great Australian Party is one you should join Rod Culleton had exposed hidden secrets the Australian Constitution has been compromised in 1973 by Gough Whitlam


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