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Victoria Police put out a Facebook post, then realised they’re HATED by Victorians, so pulled it!!

ADDENDUM: The Victoria Police saga – sharing the comments made on my page before VicPol zapped their post!

I’m shocked at what’s just happened.

VicPol had put out a post on Facebook (and probably advertised it, so it came up in my feed). I shared it here. I then realised I had to post my comment on their page, not mine. Anyway, within minutes I was told by Paul Barker that VicPol have pulled their post. That post was obviously getting a LOT OF NEGATIVE COMMENTS. They realised they’re one of the most hated groups of people in Victoria today.

Paul Barker – who told me they’ve pulled the post – had fortunately taken some screenshots. I’m publishing them here for posterity. This is THE LOW POINT OF VICTORIA POLICE IN ITS ENTIRE HISTORY.

VicPol is now on the run. People have noticed their dramatic mistreatment of those who oppose lockdowns/ mandatory masks but they bent down on their knee for BLM protestors. That has ruined their image for many decades to come. [See David Limbrick’s report today]



APPARENTELY THEY ALSO POSTED THIS ON TWITTER [Screenshot in case they delete it]


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