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The failed “disciplines” of epidemiology and virology with bogus models and bogus PCR tests

I aim to write a full section/ chapter on this issue for my supplementary submission to the ICC – or maybe just a paper for my personal knowledge. Epidemiology is turning out to be far, far worse than I had thought.

I’ve written a lot about it on my TOI blog, in the book The Great Hysteria and some more in my ICC complaint. Here are a few further notes.

WHO’s Bulletin: Health is more than influenza

‘Fake’ swine flu pandemic? WHO slams charges

‘A Whole Industry Is Waiting For A Pandemic’ – Interview with Epidemiologist Tom Jefferson

The book, Virus Mania.

Richard Epstein’s March 2020 article. Coronavirus Overreaction.

Also his COVID-19 Confusion

An Epidemic of Bad Epidemiology

The Failure of R 0

Forecasting for COVID-19 has failed

After Repeated Failures, It’s Time To Permanently Dump Epidemic Models



History of fake pandemics and bogus “epidemiological” models

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