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Stories by Indians of their plight – separated from their family for nine months by Scott Morrison

This is a follow-up of my previous post.

And remember – all this is for a PANDEMIC THAT DOES NOT EXIST. And in breach of all the laws of Australia (see my ICC complaint against Scott Morrison)

Further, a comment on Facebook:

Surely this is a breach of Article 9 of the International Rights of the Child


My name is xxx and i have lived in Melbourne, Australia for almost 5 years. I hold a 485(Post study work visa). Its a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students.

I am currently stuck overseas. I was supposed to return on 4th of march but i had to extend my ticket because my mum got sick and she was in ICU for few days and i booked another flight for 20th of march and a day before that Government announced the travel ban and i couldnt return.

These times have been really hard and testing for me and i am in a lot of stress and financial burden. It has been more than 7 months since the travel ban was announced and we still dont have any clear idea about the governments plan about the borders.

As i hold a 485 visa which i mentioned above and its a once in a life time opportunity i feel like my time is just getting wasted as people like myself on this visa are stuck overseas and our visas should be extended at least for the people who got caught overseas its my request to you on behalf all the 485 visa holders if we can please get your support. Your support will be really appreciated.

On an average a students pays 30k per year and after completing our degrees we get this once in a lifetime opportunity of post study work visa. Our time is just getting wasted. Please support us

A lot of us are stuck in India Pakistan Nepal Europe and all over the world. We havent heard anything from Australian government and our visas are just getting expired. Please help us we have invested a lot of money and a lot of time in Australia. This stress and depression and constant bad news is killing us. No one is highlighting this issue
please help us












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