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Private sector (IGA/ Bunnings) is making up rules EVEN HARSHER than the DHHS’s ridiculous mask rules

An extract. I believe these rules are in breach of the law. But when there is total anarchy in Victoria I don’t think anything can be done about it but to boycott IGA.


I went to the cashier in IGA and a young cashier asked if I had a mask. I confirmed I have a lawful medical exemption and he asked to look at it.
I said to him quietly under the DHHS it is suffice to say that I have a lawful medical exemption and the store owners have done their obligation by law.
The young cashier said he was sorry, so I asked to speak to the manager. The manager came and must of known who I was and said its okay and was fine to let me buy what I had. I explained to the manager about the DHHS website and he said he fully understands but it is the IGA head office implementing this rule. He said he has had alot of customers advising him of this.  I asked for the IGA head office phone number so I could put a complaint in.
I phoned Len/IGA head office the following day and to my surprise he confirmed they have included the extra rule themselves to view the medical exemption because he said anybody could say that they have a medical exemption so they dont wear a mask. I could not believe that IGA would implement another rule on top of the DHHS rules!  I explained that I have always supported IGA as its Australian but am so upset that they decided they need to go up and above what the law. He said they are thinking of the safety of their staff as well. I further went on to say there are no cases here or in Victoria and if they are so worried there’s no difference where people pick up cans and put them down.
We disagreed and I left the phone conversation that I will not shop there again and I have not had any other problem with any other supermarket.
I understand IGA do not care as I am only one person, but I am extremely fearful of tighter and tighter rules coming into place which are unnecessary taking away our freedoms.
I am writing regarding the illegal stance adopted by Victorian Bunnings stores.
The stores have limited PHYSICAL access to Tradespeople only. This is bad enough.
The store has signs and staff stating that all customers must wear masks unless they have a medical exemption. The Victorian DHHS ( Department of Health and Human Services), states very clearly that people DO NOT have to show a medical certificate for this exemption.
Bunnings has decided to adopt a discrimination policy and states that it has the right to aask people to show their medical certificate. Even the Police do not have this right. NO other major store in Victoria, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, IGA, Pharmacies, ( the only other stores open), have adopted this illegal stance.
I am requesting that this policy is given due consideration for being rescinded.
Bunnings is potentially facing a class action for this discrimination and illegal activity, being in direct opposition to the Anti Discrimination Laws and the recommendations of the DHHS.
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