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PCR testing – how many cycles are used in Australia?

We know that anything over 25 cycles is a pile of crap. It doesn’t have any diagnostic validity whatsoever (even assuming that PCR test are not measuring something other than SARS-Cov2).


So how many cycles in Australia? This question has come up quite a bit.

Page 4 of this government document states that “Each amplification reaction is known as a cycle, and usually 35-45 cycles are undertaken.”

Doherty Institute recommends 38 or more.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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4 thoughts on “PCR testing – how many cycles are used in Australia?

    Australia and New Zealand are using the same PCR-CT as most other countries. Why are their respective confirmed cases per 100000 so low in comparison to the other countries?

  2. Ginny

    I can only speak for Australia Wayne but our low numbers are nothing to do with the PCR test. We are an island nation and simply shut our borders during the worst of the pandemic. We have kept incoming traffic limited since then. We also test incomers, quarantine, track and trace and even shut our internal state borders when there are local breakouts. In other words we stop the spread and so have had relatively few cases by comparison.

  3. Sherab Gyurmey

    The entire debacle is a fiction. The “cases” arising from all PCR procedure, regardless of Cycle Threshold are meaningless.
    SARS-CoV-2 is a hypothetical computer generated sequence only. Constructed from random, unspecified, RNA fragments being fed into ‘virus-generating’ software.
    Thus, any protocols devised from this ‘alignment’, to set PCR to detect it – are likewise fantasy.

    A ‘real-pathogen’ released upon the world could not be controlled. This global Psy Op, by demonstration; is being conducted with an unprecedented coordination. Which only occurrs because of the ability to control all aspects, from “cases…to variants…”

  4. Toni

    Watching to see the case numbers drop now that the CDC quietly reduced the number of amplification cycles required.

    And also being that they have withdrawn the use of PCR testing as at December 2021. Suggesting new measures need to be put in place so that covid and flu cases can be separated.

    I’m sure the media will claim the reduction is due to vaccinations and not because of the change of assessing.

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