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New book project: A Pandemic of Pandemic Hysterias

This is a placeholder post – I’ve started this publicly today (22 November 2020) but expect this project to take many months to finish. In the meantime, I’ll be uploading a current version ever few hours or days and you can come by to fetch the latest version.

I would like to invite people to join this work – it will be a public domain project in perpetuity. Contributors will be acknowledged for their effort and time. You can contribute in any way you wish – by writing text, by editing it, by providing links, and so on.

Here’s an associated spreadsheet created by Irene Robinson. Irene has also provided many initial links to relevant documents.


The audience for this book is the common man.

I’d like the earlier chapters to provide a readable summary. The later chapters can have more detail. I don’t mind if this book goes into 100s of pages – with all detailed papers/ references provided in full to the curious reader who may not have time to search for them.

This book should serve both as an introduction and as an encyclopedia – a one-stop-shop on this topic: researchers, media, the governments should all benefit from this book.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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