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Dr Mark Hobart – who’s ACTUALLY worked in Melbourne nursing homes – confirms that MOST people dying WITH covid do not show respiratory symptoms




THIS IS FURTHER PROOF OF THE MASS FRAUD BEING PERPETRATED ON VICTORIANS BY DANIEL ANDREWS. Although from 4 September 2020, I was only sent this info recently.

Mark Hobart practices in Sunshine.

His views have been reported in The Australian on 16 September 2020: Melbourne GP treating aged care residents warns Victoria Government basing lockdown on ‘irrational’ data

Here’s his 4 September podcast on the Elliott show which I’m noting on this blog post (also here). Unfortunately, I can’t readily locate the podcast from the Elliot show website.

Fortunately, YouTube provides a transcript which I’ve used to quickly identify the key statements. THIS IS DAMNING IN THE EXTREME.


Now on the more serious issues um we every day we hear about all the deaths of coronavirus. I don’t fully understand as to why like we had 59 deaths overnight but only nine of them actually occurred overnight. But the bulk of the deaths are continually occurring in an aged care setting. Now to get a better understanding about what’s actually going on we’re not going to speak to a doctor who has worked extensively in aged care.

Dr Mark Hobart, good afternoon

Good afternoon Tom

so what what have you been doing in the last few months at aged care have you been just providing

You know GP type services to residents of various facilities. What’s what happened to change things fairly dramatically for me was an aged care facility right next to where i work had a coronavirus outbreak and now there are i think 41 patients and 38 staff who have coronavirus

that would be one of the more significant outbreaks then wouldn’t it

yes well that’s right so the nursing home has gone into what’s called lockdown and half of the nursing home is the coronavirus wing and the other half is the green zone

and have you continued to go in there and work even after all the positive coronavirus cases

well that’s right. I’m – I understand – the only doctor that is actually physically attending at the nursing home. I was called out of desperation by one of the the nurses there because uh she didn’t have anyone who would be able to sign death certificates. I’m reasonably young and fit i wasn’t particularly worried about contracting coronavirus so i went in and as it turns out i’ve taken over the care of most of the coronavirus patients there

okay and what have you observed about in general from you from this time in the in the the nursing home of the big coronavirus outbreak. Have you observed or or noted about the handling of the pandemic

Well, the first thing to know is the patients by and large – in fact all the ones i’ve seen – even though corona positive don’t have signs or symptoms of respiratory infection or disease. Basically, they’re just the same patients. They suffering from dementia stroke and the other things that put people into nursing homes.

What what’s different is that they are now all in solitary confinement.They are unable to … Don’t eat in the tea room anymore . They don’t have any social activities they are all in their individual rooms. also the families can’t visit them so they have no contact with their families.

It’s a tragic thing to see see them talking through the windows. I mean, that’s got to be very very hard on these elderly residents yes and their families too. And it’s very sad this has been going on for sometimes up to three or four months i believe.

and do you think that sort of isolation is necessary now

that’s a that’s a that’s a good question. there are uh high transmission transmission rates in the nursing homes. However, as i said before there’s not much evidence of respiratory infections or that sort of thing.

i’m just wondering if this lockdown has gone way too far and there should be some easing up here to allow basic um family visits and things like that

Even GPs are frightened to visit the nursing home. Well, I mean, the person really with the power to do this weirdly is not the Premier but right now because we live under a state of emergency is the chief health officer brett sutton

How would you rate his handling of the pandemic and what advice would you give him

Well I think you mentioned the 59 corona virus deaths. Now i think what’s happening there [is]a lot of people are dying in nursing homes with coronavirus but not from coronavirus

really because i wondered about that i mean that you know it’s been rumored that you know if someone has a positive diagnosis and dies it’s just easier to say well they died of coronavirus rather than bothering to say or find out what else they might have died of

well in fact dr sutton said that publicly uh in his press conference last week he said people who die with coronavirus will be put down as a coronavirus death

he said that publicly. so is what you’re saying is that a lot of these people were – you know sadly but this happens in aged care – were dying anyway and we’re sort of treating the deaths differently because it’s been. you know saying it’s of coronavirus as opposed to just with it

Yes, well, this is obvious because what Dr Sutton said last last week. Now, I had a patient who died with coronavirus in the nursing home a week ago. A bit over a week ago she died at the blood clot in the leg but she happened to be positive for corona.

So does that does that mean her death counts in the coronavirus total even though she died of a blood clot in the leg

yes it will be put down as a coronavirus death as according to dr sutton.

but does the coronavirus you know did it in any way accelerate her death

No she had no symptoms. I saw her when she arrived from hospital after they managed her blood flow and she had just no no respiratory symptoms whatsoever.

so what you’re saying is that a lot of the deaths that we’re reporting are not from coronavirus but with coronavirus. does that mean again this is in your medical opinion we are we are overstating the severity of the disease

Yes I’d have to say yes absolutely. I can’t tell you exactly the percentage of people who are dying with coronavirus as opposed to from coronavirus but I would think from my observation observation in the nursing home that the majority will be dying with coronavirus not from coronavirusFrom my the experience I’ve had in the nursing home I’m looking after now with 41 cases.

well that is fascinating i really appreciate your time and your expertise. dr mark hobart there he’s a gp as he said working in a nursing home that’s had quite a substantial outbreak. again i’m not a medical expert he is always he’s a doctor. but he says you know a large proportion of the people reported as dying of coronavirus are dying with it and remember when people are in their 80s and 90s they can suffer from all sorts of things.

it’s unfortunately you know part of the end of human life that people accumulate diseases and you know. it’s often quite difficult to say exactly what they die of because they might have what they call comorbidities. but if he’s right and that a lot of people who die uh were being told of coronavirus but instead it’s with it and arguably we are overstating the problem


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