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Design shortcomings for Parler to improve. We are abandoning Facebook but Parler needs to get its act together.



I’m noting these – so Parler can improve. It needs to get its act together quickly because I can guarantee the world is going to abandon Facebook and LinkedIn and other such Big Brother platforms soon, and we need a well-managed alternative.

  • Not enough words can be put into a post – the word limit must go!
  • the screen size is too small for posting
  • there is not need to display the URL of an image that is uploaded – merely creates confusion
  • Comments should show up automatically
  • No need to keep saying things like “shall we refesh”? Just do it
  • Don’t give stupid “success” messages. Keep quiet and let people do their bit. Don’t intrude.
  • Takes for ever to upload a video
  • There’s no way to randomly find interesting people

I’ll add as time permits – Parler should keep visiting this for my comments.

I invite readers to add to this list in the comments below.

Also, someone’s told me on Facebook:

Check out VK, it’s a fb look-a-like but without the issues:

Further:  “Many can’t setup this Parler thing because it won’t work. Can you use Bright Eon Social dot com please? Or Mewe please?”

[I’m on MeWe now:]


  • Can’t revise a post after publishing it
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