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Say NO to Digital Immunity Passports




Charles Radcliffe – Digital Immunity Passports from Leo Clifford on Vimeo.

Digital Immunity Passports. How do you feel about them? Charles Radclyffe (Tedx speaker and Forbes contributor) goes into detail about the data/technology ethics and governance aspects you should consider.

My questions and timestamps below:

1. What do governments/policy makers need to consider as these digital systems are being proposed to them? (01:26)

2. Who will own and control the data on a globally interoperable platform such as Commonpass? (06:07)

3. What about on a blockchain digital ID platform such as ID2020? Is it subject to data sovereignty? (08:58)

4. Are there loopholes which would allow for private data to be abused, used or sold? What could go wrong? (13:57)

5. Does control over global private medical data mean power? Who gains power once these systems are implemented? (17:30)

6. Is there a global framework or governance that prevents systems from being implemented which are not in the best interests of the public and are politically or commercially motivated? (21:38)

7. The websites of these organisations – ID2020, Commonpass mention “social opportunity, inclusion, empowerment”. Does that tell us something about their politics or are they just flaunting social justice copy to “do their ESG thing”? (27:01)

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