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Questions sent to me for Dan’s lockdowns advocates to answer

Someone shared these questions – sharing. But first let me add this, as well:


1. How long should we lockdown for? What’s the number of new daily cases you think its safe to return to normal life?

2. Once we reach the level of cases you think enables return to COVID19 normal lifestyle what happens if the cases increase again?

3. Presumably the answer to the above is to lockdown again?

4. What do you propose if a vaccine is not found or is only effective for a short time frame?

5. What if a vaccine is found , viruses mutate and vaccines take time to be made and distributed, what do we do then? Do we lockdown whilst a new vaccine is made every year?

6. If the Influenza season kills 10% more people next year than in previous years should we have ongoing lockdown due to the flu?

7. If deaths from other illnesses go up more than COVID19 deaths due to people avoiding tests should lockdowns continue or should we accept the increase in deaths due to other illnesses?

8. If we knew deaths from COVID19 increased the number of deaths in Australia by 15% per annum but ongoing lockdown caused a significant number to lose their houses, how many lost houses equate to an extra 15% deaths?

9. If the average age of someone dying from COVID19 was greater than the average life expectancy in Australia would you agree with ongoing lockdown?

10. If there was no lockdown and Australia followed the US policy decisions on COVID19 based on lives lost per million in population we would have had 17,000 COVID19 deaths to date. Given tobacco and alcohol related illnesses cause 16,000 deaths every year in Australia should we ban alcohol and tobacco?

11. Further to the above should we employ ongoing lockdowns so that people don’t get access to illegal, if it was banned, alcohol and tobacco ?

12. Further to the above if as the government says regularly “one COVID19 life lost is one too many” why do they tax alcohol and tobacco?

13. If you agree with ongoing lockdowns and you do so because you are fearful of the elderly dying, what’s your position on the 600,000 people who die annually every year from water contamination? [Sanjeev: I assume this is global? Not sure. There are 60 million who die each year globally, so this should be higher]

14. If your teenage child was self harming during this ongoing lockdown and couldn’t get medical assistance how would that affect your thoughts on lockdown?

15. If you lost your home and every dollar of equity in your home due to lockdown how would you feel about ongoing lockdowns when cases are 20 per day?

16. Do you advocate wearing helmets when driving your car? There are over 1000 deaths each year from car accidents and 40,000 hospitalisations .

17. The WHO states lockdowns should only last for two to three weeks to enable the health industry to get ready for patients. Why is the WHO advise inferior to the Victorian government lockdown policy? [Sanjeev. This is incorrect. The published WHO advice prohibits lockdowns under any circumstances]

18. If the lockdown is legal and based on health advice why did Jim’s mowing get approval to recommence operations after threatening legal action?

19. If the curfew was legal why was it removed the day before a court case questioning its legality was set to commence?

20. According to the WHO its estimated 10% of the worlds population has been infected with COVDI19, equating to 780 million infections worldwide. To date there has been just 1,100,000 deaths. This means 0.14% of people infected die when infected. At what point is the death rate low enough for you to agree lockdown should not occur?

21. If you agree that we cannot be in lockdown forever and need to learn to live with it, when do we start learning to live with it?

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One thought on “Questions sent to me for Dan’s lockdowns advocates to answer
  1. Peter

    Great questions – how do we make Andrews and his team answer them???
    We need to include all politicians in answering them!!

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