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Potential questions for MPs of Victoria to ask in the Parliament – 2nd list

First list here. This a second list of questions/ relevant info. I’ll keep updating as I find others questions people have sent me or things that are worth asking.

1. Why are we carrying out widescale testing for Covid even when the test shouldn’t be used for those purposes because it is a PCR test that shouldn’t be used to test for viruses. ? Wouldn’t it be better for a diagnosis to be made by doctors after the positive test result based also on symptoms to determine if they are a true case or not?
2. Can we have the data on recorded deaths from Covid who were in palliative care at the time? What percentage of deaths overall also had preexisting conditions? Will there be autopsies to confirm some of these deaths? If not why not?
3. What is the rationale and evidence that restrictions of movement  further than 5km is necessary and have you considered other harms from your decisions such as mental health of Victorians? What steps are you taking to manage or identify risks before implementing restrictions?
4. What’s the reasoning and rationale for people in low risk categories  under age 60 to be prevented from working at their place of employment?
5. Have you considered  alternative strategies apart from suppression or elimination  such as herd immunity? Have you conducted research such as literature reviews or found examples other countries Victoria could follow that would lead to better outcomes?
 6. Why are you just focused on numbers of cases and deaths and forgetting the overall success of this state including economically and mental wellbeing. Couldn’t you consider an overall quality of life  of Victorians as part of the public health response?
7. In what ways is your lockdown and restrictions actively promoting a healthy lifestyle overall for Victorians with exercise and restrictions on sport. Isn’t this just promoting a sedentary life which increases other health risks such as heart disease and diabetes?
8. With the differences between indoor and outdoor risks for Covid why are there restrictions on people visiting a beach or walking at a park or forest that’s outside the 5km zone?
9.What’s your rationale for potentially shortening the lives of millions of Victorians with your unproven social experiment of locking us down? Is it ethical to be doing this in terms of human rights?
CHO’s conflict of interest
Look up burnett institute and who works there. Look up who owns 360biolabs who are making the vaccine in Australia. Now look up which CHO still works for Burnett institute. Now look up malaria vaccine funding 2009 then look up Oxford vaccine.


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