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Now I’m no longer the only Victorian official to have resigned to protest Daniel Andrews’s public health terrorism

Two others have joined me – although none had to leave a real, paying job, to do so. But such resignations are important markers in Australia’s history. We need people to stand for what they believe (I still wouldn’t recommend any young public servant resigning – people like me can take on this monster by ourselves).

1. Alma Besserdin

“ashamed to represent a government, that in my view, is not representing its people”



2. Dale Potter OAM – resigned on 27 October 2020

“I have become increasingly alarmed at the direction the Victorian Government is taking the State and people of Victoria, and the erosion of our basic rights and freedoms.
“Since being appointed an Ambassador in 2018, I have been extremely proud to represent Victoria and promoting the pride we have as a community about the ideals of our countries rights and freedoms. I can’t in good conscience talk about these issues when they have been ruled unlawful, due to it being termed ‘unsafe’, even against many professional medical opinions to the contrary. Furthermore I cannot standby and support a government that is allowing unnecessarily, the erosion of our once great Victorian economy, and exacerbating the mental health of many Victorians and in particular the vulnerable and small businesses owners. I also cannot speak for a country that restricts its own citizens from travelling into certain parts of it because of purely political reasons and not based on sound health advice.”

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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