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Investigating alleged bribes by government to report a death as COVID-19

There are a lot of reports on social media

I was contacted by a friend this morning who advised that a family whose grandfather died last week were offered $30,000 if they were willing to put coronavirus on the death certificate as the cause of death.

This is about the 9th time over the past few weeks that I have heard such stories from people who claim direct experience.

I have watched on The Highwire when Del Bigtree explores the evidence that the US Govt pays hospitals more money for a reported corona death than other deaths. See


In Romania, hospitals get 20.000EUR/Covid death. Pretty much everybody tested is positive and hospitals falling apart, so they take the opportunity.

But there is little direct proof. One reason is that the money is said to be paid after signing strict confidentiality agreements.

But here’s some evidence:

Aus Government Department of Health commonwealth government aged care funding. There are GRANTS available for managing covid. The Covid -19 Aged Care Support Program GO3844 will reimburse eligible aged care providers for eligible expenditure incurred on managing direct impacts of COVID-19.

total funding amount available: $61,300,000.00.
This money is available for the covid journey of care,until recovery or death; not called a “death payment” but a generous and potentially very lucrative payment for all covid residents as lead up to death requires increased covid specific care and hence increased funding.



Screenshot below:


A video.

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