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PUBLIC HEALTH TERRORISM: Additional suicides, self-harm, cancer and heart deaths from lockdowns

This is an ongoing record (in my few spare moments) of the outcomes of public health terrorism: the killing and harming of additional people in the name of protecting us from an Act of Nature. The data are slowly coming in. I expect fuller info will be available in a year.


Eamonn Mathieson was the first (at least as far as I know) to use the word “terror” to refer to the impact of the lockdowns on the people (in good medicine “we don’t terrorise our patients”). I liked this direct and clear statement about the impacts of the lockdowns and hysteria and now call this sorry episode “public health terrorism”.

I’ve in the past also referred to it as a crime against humanity. Basically, these are deaths that are caused by MALICIOUS AND RECKLESS policy makers who, in my view, ought to be jailed for their criminal acts which caused additional deaths and harm.


Stillbirth rate rises dramatically during pandemic


In Australia

Pandemic shutdown ‘means thousands more bowel cancer deaths’ 

In the UK

Counting the Cost of Britain’s Lockdown

Non-virus deaths at home behind surge in excess fatalities, figures show
Statistics show deaths from other causes are soaring, amid concern that millions went untreated for killer diseases during lockdown

“The Health Data Research Hub for Cancer, who used health data to predict that there could potentially be an additional 18,000 additional deaths in people with cancer, as a result of the pandemic.” [Source]

COVID-19 Lockdown and Its Adverse Impact on Psychological Health in Breast Cancer

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cancer deaths due to delays in diagnosis in England, UK: a national, population-based, modelling study




The National Child Mortality Database in the U.K. shows an increase in child suicides in the early weeks of the U.K. lockdown. During lockdown, domestic-abuse hotline calls were up over 60% in the U.K. According to Dame Vera Baird, victims’ commissioner in the U.K., domestic-abuse murders of women increased significantly, possibly doubled, during lockdown. Drug abuse and alcoholism are up. [Source]

In Victoria

Statistics show increase in children presenting to hospitals after self-harming

As Victoria endures prolonged coronavirus lockdown, mental health workers see devastating impacts of COVID-19

Suicides haven’t risen in Victoria in 2020 but Covid welfare cuts ahead cause concern

Alarming spike in self harm prompts $60m funding boost from Victorian government


In Victoria

Victorian emergency departments during COVID-19: overall presentations down but assault, DIY injuries up


In Victoria

John Kehoe of The Australian Financial Review reported last month: “One-time Australian of the Year Patrick McGorry has warned the severe Melbourne lockdown and job losses have triggered a surge in mental health crisis calls and that suicide prevention has lost out because of the focus on COVID-19. Mental health support groups say they are being swamped with about a 20 per cent jump in pleas for help in Victoria since Melbourne’s stage three and stage four lockdown restrictions began. Professor McGorry, the executive director of youth mental health organisation Orygen, said people were suffering from a “perfect storm” of lockdown, unemployment and insufficient funding from governments for a “broken” system.” [Source]

In India

Also deaths from police violence: More than 600 dead due to lockdown even as COVID-19 kills over 4,000

Covid-19 fallout: 65% rise in people seeking self-harm and suicide


In Australia

Covid side effects spark a warning over a hike in Parkinson’s disease


In Victoria

Calls for help surge as teens’ mental health suffers in lockdown


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