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Message received from a registered nurse in Victoria. TOTAL COMMUNISM IN THE HEALTH SYSTEM.

THIS IS WHAT IS HAPPENING IN VICTORIA. A HEALTH SYSTEM DISASTER. EXTRACT. My annotations in blue. [Re: the nurse – in his own words: “I work in emergency. I wish you to understand that I am professional, I am qualified, and I am experienced. I possess degrees in community health, health services administration, and nursing. I can provide everyone with countless number of strong arguments against all the measures of the state government from the perspective of public health, healthcare services quality and its delivery.”]


Growing up in a totalitarian country of Eastern Europe and being educated in democratic USA, I instantly spotted the threat to Australian democracy when rumours about a possible pandemic started to spread back in January of this year.

As a healthcare professional working and living here in Victoria, my main concern is that lockdowns have caused and are causing disastrous effects on health and well-being of the state population. It’s obvious and any healthcare professional can prove it by that the past and current draconian and absolutely absurd pandemic management strategies such as curfew, lockdown, compulsory PPE, and social distancing have absolutely no actual and potential benefits on the health and well-being of Victorians.

In addition, they go in contrary with professional duties, standards of care, and professional pledges of all Victorian nurses and doctors.

Such measures, as we all know it, have never been supported by any real, valid, and strong evidence and facts. Practical implementation of such measures, when applied to both the general public and consumers of physical and mental health services, is absolutely unrealistic.

Such measures have corrupted the system of healthcare delivery by “infecting” it with a massive artificial fear-based barrier of making all health services and their delivery to revolve around infection control and prevention.

Every step of healthcare services delivery has been literally reshaped to test for and minimise risks of exposure to scovid19 virus. This has never been justified and supported by any evidence. This has been a pure requirement of the state department of health. Everyone has been and is following orders of that authority blindly. It all seems to be a “goat of escape” and “kicking the bucket” games where everyone is absolutely horrified to leave a slightest chance of him/her to be held accountable. Everyone is absolutely obsessed by and preoccupied solely by finding ways and developing strategies and creating policies oriented purely on passing accountability on and responsibility to someone else. [Sanjeev: This is such a dramatic statement – a prefect replica of communist USSR]

The main problem of the above is that rather than the healthcare system functioning the way it is intended to by delivering high-quality, safe, and accessible health care and mental health services, it is operating with a sole aim of responding to the absurd demands of the minister of health.

The end adverse effect of the above is the disastrous decline in quality and accessibility to healthcare and mental health services and corruption of values, duties, and purpose of all healthcare workers, especially those that are currently being trained to become doctors and nurses. [Sanjeev: It doesn’t take long to recognise that only in communism do such things happen – the loss of values is the most damaging. Communism is not the “others”. It is now right here with us.]

We are all not being let do our job. We are all suffering physically and emotionally from wearing all this rubbish and pointless PPE. We are all very tired and sick of the hopelessness and desperation when it comes to witnessing emotional and physical sufferings of our patients.

This is not fair to us. This is not fair to our patients. The current state government is murdering us all – the healthcare system, the healthcare workers, and the patients.

We have had enough.

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