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Long term effects of coronavirus

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8 AUGUST 2020

Someone shared this article with me. My initial response:

I’ve been reading about these issues. However, the matter needs more investigation.
First of all, there is plenty of evidence that most other viruses can have long term effects as well, e.g.
  • “the risk of stroke after a flu diagnosis remained elevated up to three months. “Most people who have studied this agree that two to four weeks, and maybe even into that second month, there is an increased risk of heart attack and stroke” ( – a 2018 article).
  • “long-term symptoms following severe viral illness are not a new phenomenon. Influenza has long been linked to persistent symptoms such as fatigue and muscle pain, including after both the 1890 and 1918-19 pandemics” (Source: 4 August 2020 article).
Second, while it is possible that this virus may have more serious long term effects, it is also possible (in today’s state of hyper-panic) this issue is exaggerated. This is undoubtedly a serious disease, best avoided. Nevertheless, we need to know the precise proportion of various long term effects in the entire population, not just among selected survivors who form part of a study. Without random population sampling, such studies are likely to mislead (the idea that 55% of coronavirus patients still have neurological problems three months later” is clearly preposterous).
Sweden is undertaking a study on this issue and we should get reliable information once that study is over.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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