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The crucial role of Vitamin D in explaining the behaviour of coronaviruses and flu viruses

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[In relation to this video] had a look at the video. Pretty good. The seasonality has, however, everything to do with Vitamin D – not the heat per se.

The virus flourishes in the human body at 37 degrees Celsius so heat cannot be an issue.

The virus therefore hangs on right through the year (and is carried from person to person) but its effect varies depending on the UV-B shining down and therefore Vitamin D capacity in the body. UV-B is in extremely limited supply so measuring raw sunlight is not enough. At the higher altitudes UV-B might only be received for a few hours a day even during the day.

In winter/ higher altitudes Vitamin D deficiency starts building – thereby lowering the ability to reduce cytokine storms in responding to the virus. These cytokine storms kill most people, not the virus itself.

That also explains why dark skinned Indians and Africans have died like flies in the northern altitudes but have flourished in altitudes between Tropic of Cancer and Capricorn. It is not due to poverty, just Vitamin D deficiency.

And those who work indoors are more likely to die in developing countries (and the developed).

Sadly, I mentioned this to an “expert” who has been gunning for lockdowns and crazy levels of contact tracing for months, and he had not even thought of the Vitamin D link. These people don’t ever see the big picture and never drill down into causes.




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