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Minutes of my first attempt to form a liberal party in India – January 2000

Found this finally in my old emails – the preliminary minutes that I had drafted of a meeting held on 27 January 2000 at Centre for Civil Society in which the idea of a liberal political party for India was discussed.  I had convened this meeeting which Parth Shah had kindly helped organise. I now recall that the idea was not rejected but further work was to be done. Sauvik was particularly enthusiastic and I even went to his house later to meet him and discuss. But in the end nothing came out of it.


>Pre-preliminary meeting on the Indian Liberal Congress, 2000
>Held on 27.1.2000 at CCS from 5-6:15 pm
>Members present:
>Sauvik Chakraverti
>Subodh Kumar
>Parth Shah
>Madhu Kishwar
>Sanjeev Sabhlok
>Decisions arrived at:
>(1) NAME: Name should not be ‘loaded’ with connotations which are found in the Indian society. No one understands “Classical Liberalism.” Name will need to be thought a little more carefully. Suggestions so far:
> * Forum for Liberal Democracy
> * Indian Liberal Congress
> * Something Sanskrit – Forum
>(2) PEOPLE: We need to propose names of people who will be involved at the intermediate preparatory stage.
>(3) AGENDA:
>a) Short term: Issues which interest both the middle class and farmers need to be identified and consumer movements across the country mobilized. e.g., power outages, ROP 29A amendment, Constitutional Review, etc.
>b) Medium term: An annual organization of this forum will help in the launch of the long-term stage. A ritual meeting of like minds is essential to help brainstorm and review strategy at each step.
>c) Long term: Political mobilization when a broad consensus is reached. Economic reform should form the core of the common ground.
>(4) ORGANIZATION: IPI and CCS will work together on this.


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