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The prospect of inflationary expectations as lockdowns continue

In recent days I’m coming to the view that governments are driven by a political imperative to value all lives equally, and will NOT change tack till their societies almost collapse – which can take 4-5 months at the least. In the meanwhile things can get worse on the debt front.

This is a post to keep track of this issue, particularly the views of others – for ultimately, the market can turn rapidly (as we saw with the crash in stock prices a month ago).

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Here was a tweet from 6 April 2020 from my main Twitter account (luckily archived!) where I foresaw inflation from lockdowns.
Inflation has taken longer than I anticipated, but it is here, and almost entirely from lockdown effects.
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One thought on “The prospect of inflationary expectations as lockdowns continue
  1. KPN

    Inflation : no way with a demand collapse for last 12 months in India and more so after the unwise lock down.There is a fear psychosis with investors in India ( unless they are in NAMO’s protected group). More likely a hard recession.

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