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Notes on the Swedish approach to the COVID19/coronavirus pandemic



This is a placeholder post. I’m particularly keen to find out about the Swedish models and CBA.

Their approach in a nutshell:

Tegnell Anders’s CV

Sweden still refuses to go into lockdown despite highest jump in Covid-19 deaths to date– 15 April 2020

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“The strategy in Sweden is to focus on social distancing among the known risk groups, like the elderly. We try to use evidence-based measurements,” Emma Frans, doctor in epidemiology at the famed Karolinska Institute, told Euronews. “We try to adjust everyday life. The Swedish plan is to implement measurements that you can practice for a long time,” she said.

“It’s difficult to keep the world locked down, until we have a vaccine launched in 18 months,” top Danish economist Lars Christensen told Euronews

“every epidemiologist … ignores the most basic rule in epidemiology called Farr’s Law (dating to 1840 and before any public health organizations), that says epidemics peak and decline on their own.”

How Sweden and Denmark represent opposite Scandinavian COVID-19 responses – 8 April 2020

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“The government’s response has been focused on trying to limit the spread to elderly people,”

Even during the pandemic, in Sweden it’s illegal to keep kids home from school – 7 April 2020

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“Sweden is developing herd immunity by refusing to panic. By not requiring social isolation, Sweden’s young people spread the virus, mostly asymptomatically, as is supposed to happen in a normal flu season. They will generate protective antibodies that make it harder and harder for the Wuhan virus to reach and infect the frail and elderly who have serious underlying conditions. For perspective, the current COVID-19 death rate in Sweden (40 deaths per million of population) is substantially lower than the Swedish death rate in a normal flu season (in 2018, for instance, about 80 per million of population).”

Prepare for the mother of all s**t storms if Sweden pulls this off – 3 April 2020

Coronavirus: Inside Sweden’s radically different COVID-19 response – 1 April 2020

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