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“The great worry I have for India is that its fragile law and order situation will be dramatically compromised by extended lockdowns, as some of the poor – with nothing to lose – resort to widespread crime in connivance with India’s unaccountable police (which also has a long history of working as a team with criminals). Once that happens, all bets are off. To this, add the risk of communal rioting. India can explode with an extended lockdown.” – my 5 April article:
FURTHER, TODAY I’ve noted:
It is not implausible that if India continues a lockdown, its finances will deteriorate to virtually negative territory, thereby forcing it to cut down not just salaries and pensions of senior officials (like my father’s has already been cut) but of the average police constable and even jawan.
That’s when the law and order machine will rapidly start deteriorating. Jails are not an option as well – as they will be full of disease. In fact, criminals will be released (as they did in Iran).
Dangers in India can become quite extreme within 3-4 months.
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