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My next TOI blog post: India has only one choice: Anders Tegnell’s (Swedish) approach

This. TOI did not link all necessary URLs. You can reach all references and citations through this Word version.

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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “My next TOI blog post: India has only one choice: Anders Tegnell’s (Swedish) approach
  1. Bappa

    Let’s look at evidence, as of April 11 mortality in Sweden = 887 / 10,151, this number is really bad, compare it with mortality rate in India or USA or major asian countries who are dealing with it using a strict lockdown and rigorous testing. Something is not adding up in your theory.

    Either you are not looking at stats or just trying to find validation of a plausible theory somewhere in the real world. Clear case of overfitting. 

Any country which allows rapid spread of virus will pay the price not because of virus but because of medical facilities getting overwhelmed.
    The only possible solution I see is multistage lockdowns, few days of lockdown then open again then lockdown then open again .. so on until enough people have developed heard immunity. In any case any attempt to allow this to rapidly spread to any type of population (including younger people) is a disastrous policy decision.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    Do not count only deaths. Count all costs and all benefits.

    And count how much closer a nation is to herd immunity, not intermediate “deaths”.

    This virus is NOT about deaths alone.

  3. Lila Rajiva

    The argument that medical facilities will get overwhelmed is spurious.

    More than 60% of cases are asymptomatic and those that are symptomatic are not severe. Of those that are severe, only a small fraction are fatal, usually involving people over 80 with co-morbidities.

    Intravenous mega-dose Vitamin C, D, Zinc, and other nutraceuticals have proven to be very effective for the disease, although they are given little play in the fear-mongering media. None of these are expensive.

    It is in fact because of Covid 19’s rather obvious lack of real lethality, the global elites have had to resort to apocalyptic “what if” scenarios to scare us
    into their prison-camp model of governance. Let’s stand up to the propaganda, for once.

    We cannot equate real-world real-time economic injuries with “computer model-cum-war-game-cum-wonk-hypothetical” infection/mortality rates that are continuously revised downward by the “experts,” even while the talking heads tom-tom them relentlessly.

    Furthermore, a number of physicians have stated publicly that ventilators are the wrong remedy for Covid 19, and the injuries to the lungs seen in some patients are a result of the force of the ventilators, not the infection from the virus.

    Minus ventilators, it is hard to see why Covid 19 should impose a great a burden on any healthcare system.

    Meanwhile, Tamil Nadu is rushing into mass testing of even “cold” spots using Chinese-made (!!) test-kits that give results in a few minutes, as opposed to the ones made in India, which take a few hours. However, the Indian kits rely on swabs from the throat and nose, whereas the Chinese kits take blood samples.

    Is anyone not the least afraid of using test kits from China, where this virus apparently originated? Even apart from the fact that Chinese test-kits have been rejected for being faulty by several countries, is no one in India afraid of accidental contamination?
    So, we are to stand a meter apart from neighbors who do not have the disease and we are to give up our jobs and social life to “stay safe”…but then we are to hand over our blood to the government, using kits made in the very country where this pandemic began.
    And this country is our regional and global rival. It is a totalitarian communist state. It is on the forefront of surveillance technologies like 5G, social-credit monitoring, and DNA monitoring. It has clamped down on academic research into the origins of the virus.

    Apart from the loss of privacy involved, is there no fear of biological warfare?

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