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List of economists against total lockdowns

Almost all economists with any sense are dead against lockdowns. Here’s a compilation from the internet. This is a placeholder post. Will add more when I find time. Send me more links if you find them.

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Paul Frijters

Adam Creighton

Let’s hope the economic train crash is worth it – 14 April 2020

Lars Peter Hansen, Economics Nobel winner

Vernon Smith, Nobel in Economics

The greatest public policy risk in the pandemic is that governments local,
central, and worldwide would all seek the same minimum risk policy and follow it.
The first principle in the science of decision is to assess the value or cost of
probabilistic outcomes and weight the outcomes with their value (cost). There is no such thing as a minimum risk policy defined only in terms of unweighted
Outcomes. Covid-19 has very different consequences across population characteristics and necessarily the variability of those characteristics must be part of policy decision making.

Sweden is following a more “relaxed” policy, and will be a source of learning not
Available otherwise. [Source]


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