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I’ve not read fiction since at least 40 years. That’s not at all a reflection on such books but the nature of the way I read – I tend to search books (electronic versions mainly) on keywords in 5-10 minutes to locate things that interest me. Very rarely do I read any book completely – and such books are invariably non-fiction works. However, I like the overall approach of this particular book, so I’m making note of it on this blog for anyone else interested and with time, to consider reading.

Tilak Dutta is a graduate in Economics from St. Stephens College New Delhi, who has trained as a Film Maker and Screenwriter in India at the FTII Pune, and also at the SIU-C, USA. Subsequently he pursued a career in the Indian film industry as a film editor, screenplay writer and director. In his private space he maintained his practice and learning of Indian classical music (Marga Sangeet). He also had an extended association with sitar Maestro Ravi Shankar, for whom he made “Shanti Dhwani”, a film based on the maestro’s meditative musical score. Since 2013 he is based in Germany

He has written a work of fiction: ‘A TRYST WITH MAHAKAAL – THE GHOST WHO NEVER DIED’ that is based on almost a decade of research. According to Dutta, “The citizenship agitation, a virus from China etc were all anticipated in this work as minor details of a dystopian drama involving contemporary India.”

The protagonist has a showdown with a leading light from today’s ruling junta and states: ‘Secondly, we are not natural allies at all, and will never be one. You still embrace socialism and shoot down free enterprise. Where is your nationwide effort to reward competence in morally upright people from the very roots, by giving them electoral tickets or executive leadership? You often stick to the tainted scum who ensure an electoral win by any means. You also knowingly implement your many mega schemes through the unchanging, corrupted bureaucracy, and then wonder why failure dogs you?’

Apparently the protagonists in the book do not take the total intellectual position which I enunciate – but that’s because fiction has to be true to its characters. This book is questions why socialism has not been repudiated in India, and why the discourse is limited to ‘disinvestment’ and ‘privatization’ alone


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