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My next TOI blog post: What is Mr Modi plan for India’s Muslims?

In this I ask Modi what he wants to do with India’s Muslims whom he hates so much. At any event if he continues down this path, there is no prospect of a $5 trillion economy.

The CAA is a watershed moment in India’s history. The implication is clear: that if you are Muslim you can’t be fast-tracked to become an Indian citizen. This downgrades Islam, humiliates Muslims. It also rejects the idea of mercy and humanity by denying any preference to genuine refugees, while encouraging illegal economic migrants so long as they are not Muslim.

Basically, the mess that Modi has created will sink India – since the 200 million Muslims of India aren’t going to happily accept a formal second class citizenship of India.

And the atrocities by UP government are beyond reprehensible. They are sending a strong signal to Muslims that they will no longer have the right to protest. Shut up or be shot, is the message they are getting.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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