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India’s crazy GST system curbs incentives to study. How can India succeed this way?

Received this message:

Dear SIR,

I am kunal gupta , currently studying in Bsc Biotechnology from DAV College Amritsar, Want to pursue Executive MBA in future but because of High fees in Educational Institutes i.e. 18% GST I don’t think I will be able to study further and work for the betterment of my Country India. Being girl students in our country is a kind of curse as we all know our family doesn’t support us in further study. Increase in GST of Higher Education destroys our dreams further more.

I have sent several mails to Government officials, Ministers, but none of them bother to look into this. . I wanted to request you to write a post on 18% GST on higher education service as there is very less awareness about it and your blog gets to many young people.

Me and my friends have started a petition and it already has 17,000 signs and counting . .

An article was also written about our petition .

Kindly show us some light of hope by replying to this mail.


Thanks for this. I agree that all education (tuition) should be GST-free. Education is essential for the country to progress so any distortion of incentives to study must be minimised.

I’ll post your comment and my response on a separate blog post, but won’t have time to write a proper article on this.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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