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Golwalkar’s visceral hatred for Muslims #1

I have read bits and pieces of Golwalkar in the past. I will now write a book in which I’ll demolish his false nationalism.

I’ll occasionally make note of some of his writings on this blog for ready reference for my ongoing research. There are just too many problems with Golwalkar. He MASSIVELY DISTORTS REALITY and sees everything through a prism of Brahminical and Vedic superiority. Nothing, not one thing, that he writes is cogent or makes sense. And yet he led RSS for many decades.

I’ll directly annotate Word version of his books (We and Bunch) – so much of my research notes will be found within these annotations over the coming weeks and months.


From Bunch of Thoughts

The invaders such as the Greeks, Hunas and the Shakas who came previously were either defeated and driven out or, if some of them stayed over, were absorbed in the Hindu Society. But the invaders who came during the last ten or twelve centuries could not be driven out. They could not be absorbed either. They remained a separate entity and ruled as foreigners in this land.

whatever we believed in, the Muslim was wholly hostile to it. If we worship in the temple, he would desecrate it. If we carry on bhajans and car festivals, that would irritate him. If we worship cow, he would like to eat it. If we glorify woman as a symbol of sacred motherhood, he would like to molest her. He was tooth and nail opposed to our way of life in all aspects-religious, cultural, social, etc. He had imbibed that hostility to the very core.

But, to tell the pugnacious fighting Mussalman that his forefathers were Hindus, that he should return to the Hindu fold as a self-respecting man, that he should give up his aggressive mode of the Moghul days and wake up to the realities of the present century and merge in the national current of life – to tell all this required an unshakable conviction in the supremacy of truth and indomitable courage to face the hard realities of the situation. But, unfortunately, both these qualities, uncompromising love for truth and fearlessness, are really wanting in many of the leading personalities of these days.

Those who declared ‘No swaraj without Hindu-Muslim unity’ have thus perpetrated the greatest treason on our society. They have committed the most heinous sin of killing the life-spirit of a great and ancient people.

Well, did these leaders succeed, though at such a terrible cost, in realising their dream of Hindu-Muslim unity? No! The more our leaders tried to appease the Muslims, the more their separatist and aggressive appetite was whetted.

Finally their price rose to such a pitch that they not only got two big slices of this land where they live today as complete masters with plans to conquer the rest of our country, but also continue to remain here in sufficient numbers to act as potential fifth-column.

It was this ‘humbug’ type of nationalism that was attempted to be vivified. It is like attempting to create a novel animal by joining the head of a monkey and the legs of a bullock to the main body of an elephant! It can only result in a hideous corpse.

We must be able to see through the game and revert to the truth of our nationalism as an ancient fact and the Hindus being the national society of Bharat.






Sanjeev Sabhlok

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