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Golwalkar’s inflated, even false, claims about Hinduism and India

The problem with Golwalkar is his **complete** absence of critical thinking ability. HIs writings are full of generalisations that would compete with the falsehoods of Karl Marx. These generalisations lay down traps in which the unwary reader can easily fall.

Both factually and logically he is wrong about almost everything.

The only way to read Golwalkar is to question every statement for accuracy and coherence. The man also contradicts himself repeatedly.

Here are a few examples.

1) Illustration of one of the many idle boasts that underpins Golwalkar. From Bunch of Thoughts. He simplifies the West’s contributions, undermines the huge work done by the West to promote human rights, liberty, science and prosperity. India’s “work” pales in comparison. Clowns like Golwalkar with extremist “nationalist” views have made everything much worse for India and the world. He and his criminal associates have no reason to boast.

2) Another illustration of the most bogus and ridiculous claims from the man who built one of the most violent organisations in the world, one of whose members killed Gandhi and members of which have killed tens of thousands of innocents (if not more) over the years.

– from Bunch of Thoughts

3) In which Golwalkar further shows his pathetic ignorance about the world, in order to somehow justify a “Hindu” nation. Such bogus claims are scattered throughout his work.

As far as the great “sages” who emerge from India in each generation, let me note that most of them are perverts and predators, others are shady petty magicians who trick their gullible audience into believing in their “super” powers. All of them criminals, no exception.

And these kinds of inflated claims about “spirituality” make no sense from a man who STRONGLY SUPPORTED the murder of millions of Jews by Hitler.

– the extract below is again from Bunch of Thoughts.

4) Serious. This is the kind of garbage this Golwalkar writes. “Our arms stretched as far as America on the one side – that was long long before Columbus ‘discovered’ America!”


5) More idle bombast and a flood of falsehoods – from Golwalkar’s We, or out nationhood defined.

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