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The last gasps of India – a nation being swamped by Nazi Hindutva


Dear Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok,

First, a confession. I am sorry I did not know about you till I read your article “Time to call out Hindutva” in TOI on 30th October.
Entirely my loss. I just discovered that you have a blog with a lot of reading material that I need to catch up with.
Secondly, Congratulations on such a brilliant article.
I am a bit surprised that, looking at the gag-the-media strategy of the current government, such a bold article was published in the mainline English newspaper with the largest circulation.
Kudos to you and TOI.
Thirdly, there is a very large population of unorganised citizens who agree and endorse your views and also views of other like-minded writers but are silent because they don’t have a platform where they can freely air their views and opinion. Fear is another factor, from which, thankfully, you are free.
I sometimes wonder whether there is some way to match the propaganda machinery of the government, the ruling party and their army of Bhakts & Trolls and the fake news that they spread so widely and quickly?
I am confused about what rational citizens, who do not want to become a part of any political outfit, should and can do.
As you say in your article, we need to rise and bring to a halt what is happening to our country today.
In any case, congratulations once again on a very bold & timely article. May you keep writing such articles for publications which are read widely.
Best regards,

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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