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Godse made AT LEAST FOUR attempts to kill Gandhi

This was news to me, that Godse had tried to kill Gandhi in 1944. I might have read it somewhere in the past but it clearly did not stick in my head.

I confirmed this is true: “Bhilare prevented one of the six assassination attempts on the Mahatma made by Godse”. (Source)

“Godse was arrested for attacking Gandhi with a knife at Panchgani near Pune in 1944” (Source)

Further, “Four years before Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated, Nathuram Godse, the man who would shoot him three times in Delhi, tried to attack him with a knife.” (Source)

It turns out that Teesta Setalvad has written a book on the assassination attempts on Gandhi: Beyond Doubt (2015).

I’ve extracted three murder attempts from Google books:

  1. Godse’s first attempt on Gandhi’s life

2. Godse’s second attempt

3. Godse’s third attempt (could have been his fourth). His final attempt, of course, succeeded.


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