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My next centrepiece TOI article: Time to call out Hindutva


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Sanjeev Sabhlok

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3 thoughts on “My next centrepiece TOI article: Time to call out Hindutva
  1. Lin

    Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok.
    How you should Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Hindutva.
    What bind a country together?
    It could be(broadly or loosely or for the majority)
    1)Same race
    2)Same language
    3)Same religion
    4)Same sense of historical lineage and destiny:
    India is very racially complex, has 16 ‘official languages'(members of indian parliament from southern states insist on speaking English I read) and there’s certain amount of north-south animosity(The extent I don’t judge), little wonder indian nationalism has evolved into hindu nationalism.
    The indian subcontinent has poor pre-Mughal historiography(the first serious pan-subcontinent historian I read was a muslim scholar accompanied a muslim conqueror king) and had been conquered by muslims, then by the anglos. Now Hindutva can make the followings possible:
    1)’Rewrite’ indian ‘history’, like replacing ‘Aryan invasion/migration’ by ‘Out of India’.
    2)Hindu nationalists need enemy, now they can blame the custom of forcing Dalits to handle human excrements on the muslim invaders. Other examples abound.
    3)To promote hindu pride by making certain hindu mythology ‘official’ like, as you mentioned, the elephant god Ganesh was the outcome of advanced ancient hindu science of transplanting an elephant head onto a human torso, or ancient india had atomic weapons, cars, airplanes, spacecrafts..
    Now it doesn’t matter if the constructed ‘history’ is real or not, as long as the majority of hindus believe in it, it has life of it’s own.
    Mr. Sanjeev Sabhlok, you’ve my admiration of being a rational person but I must remind you that the alternative to Hindutva is total overhaul of indian culture which is nigh impossible, save a total revolution.

  2. Sanjeev Sabhlok

    I’m afraid you’ve not read my article. I know it is impossible to change people’s minds so pl. don’t waste my time further. Thanks.


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