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More on Al Gore’s socialist agenda behind the climate alarm – in Maurice Strong’s words

Chanced upon this document (copy on my server). It is CLEAR BEYOND THE SLIGHTEST DOUBT that Maurice Strong the socialist was pivotal in bringing about the climate alarm. He and Al Gore had a very long relationship and Maurice explicitly said that he and Al Gore were not so much in the environment as in changing the way the economy and society is managed.



I’m reviewing the google version of Cloak of Green by Elaine Dewar.

Here’s an important piece of info on Strong’s mental development as a socialist:

Maurice founded an NGO,Manitou.

He seemed to have managed to get HUGE taxpayer funds for his pet projects which he used to propagate his agenda. Couldn’t locate the institute that’s mentioned below since the relevant page of the book is not visible in google.


The master manipulator Maurice Strong hijacked the democratic process in open daylight. TILL TODAY, NATIONS CONTINUE TO HAND OVER THEIR SOVEREIGNTY TO THE CORRUPT UN/IPCC.

Maurice Strong’s demand for a tax to finance global institutions did come true. It’s fully in place now.

Maurice Strong influenced this demand for global governance – the Stockholm Declaration on Global Governance
WHY DOES SWEDEN COME UP SO FREQUENTLY IN CLIMATE CHANGE MATTERS (E.G. GRETA THUNBERG?) – BECAUSE OF SOCIALIST OLOF PALME’S LEGACY. He was a key driver of Sweden’s dominance in the messages of globalised socialism and supported Maurice Strong’s Green Socialism.
(the extract below is still from Cloak of Green)

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