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Extract from my email on India, China and Australia


It is hard to find people who can pierce through the veil of religious fanaticism that’s been cultivated by extremist politicians over the past century in India. And now that they are in power, there is simply no hope. I’m surprised TOI published my piece which is pretty hard hitting.

China is terrible as a nation but has succeeded in becoming powerful because it has followed much of the Singapore model as far as its economy is concerned. (see:  So it has left India far behind. India can’t act as a countervailing force to China in world politics any more.

I’m in close touch with many senior retired IAS officers + my own batchmates and a few others. All are completely opposed to any reform since that will affect their own position. Politicians love corrupt IAS officers, so the power centre is totally controlled by self-seeking (+arrogant) people who refuse to see how they are harming India. There is simply no way to progress the India story unless a reform party is elected to power, for which the business community of India is showing absolutely no appetite (I’ve been in this business of setting up a liberal party in India for 20+ years now).
Australia is probably right to pay lip-service to India and to prepare for its inevitable tributary status with China. India doesn’t want to grow up. It is its own biggest enemy. It has performed worse than any large nation over the past 70 years – S.Korea, China, the European nations, the USA – on all indicators of human progress. Australia can’t do anything useful with India, except get its students and immigrants.

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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