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Allegations against Sarvesh Kaushal and KBS Sidhu in the 2017 irrigation scam in Panjab – some vigilance papers

These papers are circulating across social media in Panjab:

I understand that an article has been published in Panjabi Tribune on this matter, as well. But apparently, Captain Amarinder Singh is not letting the Vigilance Bureau proceed in the inquiry. 

I had been reliably informed in 2017 that it was Amarinder Singh himself who had complained about Saurav Kaushal to the Election Commission in 2017 (see my report here), thereby relieving him of his charge of the Irrigation Department. So this lack of action on the allegations is even more suspicious.

The matter is being widely discussed in TV, e.g.

It would be truly unfortunate if any of these allegations are true. The only way forward to clear the air is for the Panjab government to investigate these allegations thoroughly.

I do hope that my batchmate is in the clear, but the repeat upsurge of such complaints cannot be ignored. This needs to be investigated.

Now watch this September 2019 interview from 9 minutes 40 seconds and the story will become much clearer:


Report on 5 October 2019

Fuller report.  (screenshot in case the report is removed).

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