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The case against the IAS – a compilation by (retd) Col Sambasivan Srinivasa Rajan

Col. Rajan sent me this – I’ve converted to PDF and uploaded here.

Col. Rajan’s focus is on defence. He notes, among other things,

“Strangely, a General of the Army or an Air Chief Marshal of the Air Force or an Admiral of the Navy is never appointed as the National Security Advisor. That should tell every citizen as to why the security of this country is in doldrums.”


Q1. Are there any IAS Officers who have their sons as Commissioned Officers in the Army, Navy & Air Force.
A1. Not even one.


I know of a lot of armed force officers who have formed a very dim view (rightly deserved) about the IAS. They need to to offer an alternative model as well. Col Rajan calls for a fresh Constituent Assembly but that itself will require political power first. And if one has that power, then the Constitution can be readily amended to get rid of the IAS.

So the key is political power by a party that knows how to fix India’s governance system. We now have Swarna Bharat Party which needs rapid expansion across India if India has to have ANY chance of success.

I invite retd. Col Rajan and other retired armed force officers to join SBP.



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