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Sea levels are rising steadily for hundreds of years. NO acceleration.

This issue comes up frequently because of major obfuscation by the mainstream media that has been hijacked by extreme socialists.

The facts are simple: “the highest quality coastal tide gauges from around the world show no evidence of acceleration since the 1920s” (Source)

The longest NOAA tide gauge data record is at the Battery, New York with a 162 year long measurement period. This location shows no sea level rise acceleration occurring over the past 30 years. Similar results are seen from across the entire USA. [Source].

The key point is that the change in level might be different in different places but there is no accelerating trend in any place. See this video by Tony Heller from 6 minutes.


The fantasy of accelerating sea level rise just got hosed – Anthony Watts, February 4, 2018

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