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Why Sharad Joshi had to join NDA in 2004 – in his own words

I stumbled upon a rich mine of old emails from the 2004-2005 period. I’ll post a few of these as they are of historical interest.

From: “Sharad Joshi” <>
To: “Sanjeev Sabhlok” <>,
“Rakesh Wadwa” ,
“Raj Cherubal” ,
“Parth J Shah” <>,
“Nitai Mehta” ,
“Manvendra Kachole” ,
“Madhu Kishwar” ,
“Jayaprakash Narayan” ,
“Gurcharan Das” ,
“Bibek Debroy” ,
“Bhupinder Singh Mann” ,
“Ashok Desai” ,
“Antony Joseph” ,
“Raghunathdada Patil”
Cc: “Seetha Parthsarath”
Subject: SBP Decision to join NDA
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004

Dear Colleagues,

I have seen Sanjay’s & Seetha’s detailed reactions on the decision of SBP to
join the NDA. I am gratified at the great sense of appreciation they have
shown of the extremely difficult and complex situation that I have faced
during the last month or so.

Barun Mitra has written to me expressing his strong objections to the
decision. He was, in any case, opposed to my accepting the Presidentship of
the SBP and thought that it was all a scheme of one particular group to
destroy me.

On the 26th January 2004, the National Executive Committee of the Swatantra
Bharat Paksha gave me the full authority to decide the political strategy of
the SBP in the coming elections. This was followed by letters from quite a
few members wishing to distance themselves from the responsibility of a
member of the National Executive. There was no response to my appeal for
funds. In fact, some of those who promised specific help have not being

The option of the SBP going it alone was, consequently, closed.

Of the two major National alliances one has not shown any alacrity in coming
to any understanding. This is probably because the SBP’s position on the
separate Vidarbha is poison to it. The two major constituents of the NDA
have made some concessions on the score. In my judgment, they could not do
better than that. (Please, see attached Press Note.)

I am far from happy about the seat sharing but the process of negotiations
will continue for another 15 days and we hope to improve our share.

In all these tractations, I had the advantage of continuous consultations
with Shri. Raghunathdada Patil, member NE and President SBP, Maharashtra,
Adv. Vamanrao Chatap, member NE and Shri. Laxman Wadale, President, Shetkari

The SBP National President’s office has started functioning at
D-59, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi – 110016
but would be working only intermittently till such date as the SBP can
afford, at least, a minimal staff of 3 persons, their salaries & perks and

The lack of funds and support on propaganda would make attainment of the
objective of 6% vote in 4 states plus 4 seats in Lok Sabha a distant dream.
My objective, now, is to make it possible, at least, by the next round of

I would submit a detailed report to the National Executive Committee of the
SBP at the earliest opportune moment.

Thanks with regards.

Yours sincerely,

– Sharad Joshi
National President
Swatantra Bharat Paksha
Vill. & Po: Ambethan, Tal. Khed
Dist. Pune (M.S.)
India – 410501
Phone: 91 2135 252295
Fax/Phone: 91 2135 252354
Website: <>

Sanjeev Sabhlok

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