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Questions we need to ask, in order to prove that CO2 causes harmful “climate change”

I’m following up from a comment I made on Twitter:

See my comments to one of the persons who asked a question. Also:

And see:


I had a minute to start dictating questions that one would need to ask. These are just a few – there would need to be a few hundred such questions.


How does the greenhouse effect work?

What is the proof of the greenhouse gas effect?

Since the greenhouse gas effect cannot be proven in a laboratory what other ways are there to prove it?

What is the correlation between CO2 and temperature? (it is quite pointless to look at short term records – do we have long term strong correlation between CO2 and temperature)?

In the ice record the CO2 levels increase after the temperature increases. We know that temperature increases because of the wobble of the Earth. Some people claim that carbon dioxide increased first. But if that were the case then what caused the increase in CO2?

What are the costs and benefits of CO2?

What are the alternative explanations for the increase in temperature?

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